Monday, June 14, 2010

Interclub Sports Day


What a fantastic day all 5 participating sports clubs, (Golf, Squash, Gun Club, Netball & Tennis) had on Monday. A start time of 9.30am saw everyone down on the Golf Course for an interesting round of 4 holes. Tennis drew the Netballers for the golf challenge, (just quietly we were all pretty happy about that) with balls going from 3 feet to way out west and the occasional straight one from some of our team that could actually hit a ball, Team Tennis beat the Netballers in the first challenge. Then off to Squash and Darts at the Leagues. Our draw for squash was the gun club. Slugging it out for Tennis was Trevor M, Tanya, Richard and Amanda. Lots of cheering from the rest of the team saw them finish in a tye. At the dart board the netballers showed off their style but they were no match for the Tennis team. Off to the netball courts for a very rough game against the golf club. We pulled out our ‘joker’ for this one and it paid off. Some of the golf club boys couldn’t seem to get the 3 foot rule and we had a slight height disadvantage but after knocking over our players, stealing the ball, shoving and pushing the tennis team still won the game and Tanya scored highest in the play off. The day finished off at the tennis club where the challenge continued between the golf, squash, gun club and netballers. (Clubs were not allowed to participate at their home club). Team Tennis won the trophy for 2010 and are gearing up for the 2011 challenge.

To Umi and Kylie, we thank you for organising the Interclub Sports Day. You are both amazing. It was a huge effort to pull it all together and all of the clubs and participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we are all looking forward to next years challenge.

Team Tennis would like to thank John for driving us all around in the 6WD with the Tennis Flag waving around in the breeze. Huge thanks also to Norris and Lew for coming up to the club and cooking. To Karenne for picking up, washing and delivering the food. Rustys for your sweet burger paties – yum, thaenks f’ aklan. Thanks to all of the clubs for joining us for burgers and chips and especially to all of the table top entertainers, great day, great night.

Well done to all of the clubs for participating and supporting the Interclub Sports Day. This is a great way for the clubs to get together so keep it in your club calendar and make it an annual event.

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