Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Greenways Press Wednesday Night Finals

Finals for the Wednesday night comp were held this week after 10 weeks of great tennis. The new format of, Ladies doubles, Mens doubles and 2 sets of mixed worked really well. We had some very strong teams with team ‘Michella’, (Shella, Sarlu, Kevin & Rossco) leading the pack with 49 points. Debbie’s team (Deb, Jo K, Sam & Zach) coming 2nd with 36 points and Gaelene’s (Gae, Anna, James & Roger) running 3rd with 34 points.

Singles have also been played on Wednesday, with most games being able to be played before the doubles. Some fantastic tennis in the singles comp with some very cunning players on court. Not much between these three winners in Pool A – 1st James Elliott with 56 points, 2nd Brett Bergagnin with 54 points and 3rd Sam Taylor with 53 points. Pool B – Michella Quintal 59 points, 2nd Karen Menadue 54 points and 3rd Gaelene Christian 48 points.
Greenways Press have been great supporters and Sponsors of tennis over the years and we would like to thank Jo and Jonno for their Sponsorship of ‘Greenways Press’ Wednesday night singles and doubles tennis comps. Jo and Jonno supply fantastic prizes and put on a sausage sizzle for the final night. With thanks also to Rustys Quality Meats for supplying the very yummy sausages.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hardys Wine Monday Night Tennis Competition Winners

The finals for the Hardys Wines Sponsored competition finished on Monday night followed by a sausage sizzle and presentation. The clear winners were T.G.B. (Trev Gow Building) with 45 points. These 4 young guns, Jay Sanders, Clayton O’Connor, Shane Evans and Luke Steven, have been back on the tennis courts for about 6 months and it’s been great to see them show off their talents and style along with the sense of humour. Congratulations yorlye.

Our other teams have enjoyed the competition as well and will all be re-entering their teams for the next comp starting this Monday.

We would like to thank Hardys Wine for their sponsorship and continued support of Tennis on Norfolk.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Presentation Night

Saturday night the club was filled with Champions, friends and invited guests. Unfortunately our President was unable to be there, but our very capable Vice President, Julie South along with Mrs President, Karenne Gatehouse, stepped in and did a wonderful job of presenting awards and trophies to all of the winners.

Cheryl Tennis Club once again thanks NI GAS, Chris and Karenne Gatehouse for their continued and much appreciated sponsorship of the Club Championships. Thanks also to Greg Quintal Snr for his continued support of our Tennis Youth and his award. And to Tom Lloyd and the ‘Over the Hedges’ award. Toms been watching thru the hedge for many years now and has always been a great supporter of the club – thaenks f’ me Tom.

Presentation was held at the club this year and we would like to thank John Christian for his ‘swiit wetls’. The food was fantastic and the waiting service awesome – thanks to Chris Ciantar. And thanks to our sexy barlady, Binky, for keeping everyone watered.

Combined with our Club Championship Awards was the TechSpecific and Expressions NI Mixed Doubles Tournament prizes that was postponed from the actual tournament date. Andre and Kim Nobbs were invited to come and present these prizes to the winners and we thank them for taking up the sponsorship of this tournament and for presenting on the night.

Cheryl Tennis Club Championships:

A Grade Ladies singles: Amanda Cribb, Runner up Karen Menadue. Ladies Doubles: Karen Quintal & Gaelene Christian, R/up Meg Meers & Tanya Randall.

A1 Grade Mens singles: Danny Nobbs, R/up Brett Bergagnin. Mens Doubles: Sam Taylor & Danny Nobbs, R/up James Elliott & Kevin Randall. Mixed Doubles: Kevin Randall & Karen Quintal, R/up James Elliott & Tanya Randall.

A2 Grade Mens singles: Sam Taylor, R/up Brett Bergagnin. Mens Doubles: James Elliott & Sam Taylor, R/up Brett Bergagnin & Trevor Menadue. Mixed Doubles: James Elliott & Tanya Randall, R/up Brett Bergagnin & Amanda Cribb.

B Grade Ladies singles: Anna Elliott, R/up Jo Snell. Mens singles: Dylan Billman, R/up Zach Sanders. Ladies doubles: Jo Snell & Emily Ryves, R/up Coral Rowston & Gloria Gervasoni. Mens doubles: Dylan Billman & Blake O’Hara, R/up Bob Little & Hubert Finney. Mixed doubles: Zach Sanders & Emily Ryves, R/up Chris Gatehouse & Jo Snell.
Sponsored & Club Awards:
Positive Attitude & Enthusiasm: The ‘Kelly Gang’, Ethan, Grace, Jude & John (Photo L). Initiative Award: James Elliott & Rhys Schmitz. Sportsmanship Award: Dylan Billman. Most Improved Lady: Emily Ryves. Most Improved Man: Zach Sanders. (Photo below L)

Presidents Appreciation Award: Alan McNeil (Photo R). Most Promising Junior Award: Anna Elliott, sponsored by Greg Quintal Snr. Over the Hedges Award: Gaelene Christian, sponsored by Tom Lloyd.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

'Team Tennis' Relay for Life

Wow – what a fantastic night we all experienced last Saturday. Along with the other 34 teams, Team Tennis were up at the School Oval from 3pm on Saturday to participate in the 18hr ‘Relay for Life’. Most of the team stayed right through the night and the atmosphere and spirit of everyone involved was amazing. To see the endurance of Alex and his support team was incredible, seeing the highs and lows and not believing that he would make it for the 24hrs at some points, then 30hrs later he finishes!!! He blew us all away. Congratulations to Alex and to Fi, Kaye, Ross, Janet, Lucy & Hazel – you guys are amazing and thank you for choosing Norfolk Island to break the Guiness Book World Record.

The all night breakfast was put on by ‘Team Tennis’ and what a fantastic job they all did. You will be pleased to know that I didn’t cook the breakfasts and everyone was still upright the next morning. However – Alex did comment on the ‘great’ potatoes that I cooked – yes me, and despite all of the heckling sent my way – I’m sure this was a big factor in him lasting for the 30hrs….

Typically when these events come along, Norfolk all pulls together and the generosity of ‘orl aklan’ is amazing. Team Tennis would like to thank the following for their donations, Rustys, Mike Andrews, Matt & Suz Bigg, Dave & Bronwyn South, Roy Nobbs, Chris & Karenne Gatehouse, THE BACON MAN… and to all of our ‘Team Tennis’ participants for your donations and time for this very worthy cause.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dick Gray returns

One of the very good things about living on Norfolk Island is the variety of sports that are available to us to enjoy, and that visitors can enjoy too. There is golf, junior footy and soccer, touch football, a wide range of athletics, archery, shooting, snorkelling and diving, lawn bowls, squash, hapkido and other martial arts, surfing, bike riding, table tennis, horseriding, swimming, dancing, boxercise …. and on and on we could go. One that is very important is tennis, and Norfolk has a proud history in this sport.

So we were delighted to catch up with Richard (Dick) Gray, who was back on-island recently. He is fondly remembered for what he achieved for tennis here in the 1980s. Dick and wife Joy were visiting us from their home in Hamilton (NZ) to catch up with their many friends, and family – son Duncan lives on Norfolk with his family.

Dick was working as an insurance broker in Hastings (NZ), and after a very pressured few working years he and Joy came to Norfolk in 1980 for a holiday. They enjoyed the change of lifestyle offered so much that they decided to return to live the following year.

Dick was a very keen and good tennis player, and he took over the role of President of the Cheryl Tennis Club that had one tarsealed hard court, and five grass courts requiring lots of maintenance. The club had little by way of a financial base, and there was little competition too. Dick with help from members expanded the game here and improved it in every aspect. And Julie South, who is well known and much loved for her dedication to the sport, suggests Dick played a significant role in this improvement until he returned to New Zealand to live in 1992 – called back by ‘all of those grandchildren popping up everywhere’.

Dick took on ‘coaching’ duties, and focused a lot of attention on developing our juniors ‘who played their natural game of giving the ball hell’. Dick established a Junior Trust with generous support from Val and Alex Martinez to assist with travel costs for juniors travelling to overseas competitions. He travelled to Australia to improve his knowledge of coaching, but never attained formal qualifications as a coach. One of his sons, Jeff, was a qualified coach, and he would come to Norfolk to coach players here. Jeff had learnt the game from the famous Australian tennis coach, Vic Edwards. Vic is best known for being the coach of the amazing Australian player of the 1960s and 70s, Evonne Goolagong, who won Wimbledon in 1971, and again as a mum in 1980. Bill Gilmour, who played tennis for Australia, and is known for beating Roy Emerson, another great player, also coached here. His reputation helped lift the profile of tennis in Norfolk Island, and lead to the establishment of a permanent coaching position on the island.

Dick with help from many locals introduced several innovations into the game, and these helped build a very enthusiastic club. The tie break was introduced. A singles competition began in 1981, and one of our own, Bebs Sanders, one of our ‘young tennis guns’ of the day, will recall many a tough match against ‘ambidextrous’ Dick. Night tennis was introduced. More and improved courts were established, and he remembers how hard Norfolk’s Dennis Sterling and others worked to achieve this. A two-storey clubhouse was built. He recalls tough negotiations with Bill Sanders who was planning minister in Norfolk’s government in the 1980s, to build the clubhouse closer to the boundary than was the law of the day. The Johnny Walker tournament began that brought sponsorship into the game, with our own Liquor Bond being the major sponsor. And Dick was involved in establishing the Vets Tournament that is still going strong, with 110 players participating in 2010, many from overseas.

Dick has travelled through the South Pacific with tennis – to Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji – and in all of these places the people love their sports. They play bowls, tennis and much more, and so in part they are like Norfolk Islanders. But he believes that Norfolk is different and more special to every other place. It has ‘something intangible about it’, and while he can’t put his finger definitively on what it is, he thinks ‘it is possibly something about the history’.

We wish Dick and Joy back here soon. We thank him for all he has done for the game of tennis in The World of Norfolk.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

TechSpecific & Expressions Norfolk Island Mixed Doubles Tournament

Those who came up and spent the afternoon as spectators on the verandah last Sunday watching the TechSpecific & Expressions Tournament saw some awesome tennis. Everyone who played commented on what great games they had. Each playing at least 3 sets, some playing as much as 5 for ‘Plate’ and consolation prizes.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch many of the games so I cant give a commentary this week. (you’ll just have to come and watch yourself next time..)

Interestingly enough the winning combinations ended up being against the Randall siblings. All who play fantastic tennis and the games were all won on tye breaks. Tanya Randall & James Elliott v Debbie Randall & Douglas Donaldson saw Debbie & Doug just pull through. On the other court Kevin Randall & Lynne Mogey pushed out Trevor & Karen Menadue on a tye break. Kevin & Lynne then had to play Debbie & Doug. This was the match to watch, fantastic tennis by all with Kevin & Lynne having to pull out all stops to finally win the game on a 15/13 tye break.

Congratulations to Kevin Randall & Lynne Mogey who won the trophy for 2010, to Sam Taylor and Vicki Crow for winning the consolation prize and to Toni Wilson and Michael Trickey winning the Plate.

Great to see some new faces back up the courts and it was good to have Graeme & Vicki Crow over from QLD joining in too.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, Andre & Kim Nobbs (TechSpecific & Expressions). We look forward to seeing you both at our presentation night on the 24th to present the trophy and prizes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Interclub Sports Day


What a fantastic day all 5 participating sports clubs, (Golf, Squash, Gun Club, Netball & Tennis) had on Monday. A start time of 9.30am saw everyone down on the Golf Course for an interesting round of 4 holes. Tennis drew the Netballers for the golf challenge, (just quietly we were all pretty happy about that) with balls going from 3 feet to way out west and the occasional straight one from some of our team that could actually hit a ball, Team Tennis beat the Netballers in the first challenge. Then off to Squash and Darts at the Leagues. Our draw for squash was the gun club. Slugging it out for Tennis was Trevor M, Tanya, Richard and Amanda. Lots of cheering from the rest of the team saw them finish in a tye. At the dart board the netballers showed off their style but they were no match for the Tennis team. Off to the netball courts for a very rough game against the golf club. We pulled out our ‘joker’ for this one and it paid off. Some of the golf club boys couldn’t seem to get the 3 foot rule and we had a slight height disadvantage but after knocking over our players, stealing the ball, shoving and pushing the tennis team still won the game and Tanya scored highest in the play off. The day finished off at the tennis club where the challenge continued between the golf, squash, gun club and netballers. (Clubs were not allowed to participate at their home club). Team Tennis won the trophy for 2010 and are gearing up for the 2011 challenge.

To Umi and Kylie, we thank you for organising the Interclub Sports Day. You are both amazing. It was a huge effort to pull it all together and all of the clubs and participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we are all looking forward to next years challenge.

Team Tennis would like to thank John for driving us all around in the 6WD with the Tennis Flag waving around in the breeze. Huge thanks also to Norris and Lew for coming up to the club and cooking. To Karenne for picking up, washing and delivering the food. Rustys for your sweet burger paties – yum, thaenks f’ aklan. Thanks to all of the clubs for joining us for burgers and chips and especially to all of the table top entertainers, great day, great night.

Well done to all of the clubs for participating and supporting the Interclub Sports Day. This is a great way for the clubs to get together so keep it in your club calendar and make it an annual event.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girlie Nobbs Centenary Bounty Tennis Tournament

What a fantastic day we all had at the Cheryl Tennis Club last Sunday. Fifty six players representing the Norfolk families of Young, McCoy, Evans, Christian, Buffett, Quintal and Nobbs gathered at the courts just before 2pm and competed for the ‘Girlie Nobbs Centenary Bounty Tennis Trophy’.

Everyone was asked to play in their ‘Bounty Hats’. Some great tennis was had and there was lots of laughter on and off courts as the verandah was packed with spectators and those waiting to get on court. It was fantastic to see ‘salan hu nor bin plieh f’ lorng tiem’ (people who had not played for a long time) back up at the courts. Each family had to have eight players and they were paired off and everyone played three matches. All points were added at the end to get the winning team.

This perpetual trophy was sponsored by Andre and Kim Nobbs (left), and inspired by Andre's Grandma who turned 100 in March this year. Grandma was a formidable tennis player in her time and up until about five years ago was still playing tennis and hitting a mean ball, especially on the backhand.

She was also known for aceing people quite regularly. Andre also sponsored another trophy with Grandmas serving ability in mind. He asked some of our senior members of the community, and former tennis players, to judge for the ‘most kased’ (most wicked) serve. Unfortunately Kik was unable to make it on the day, but Greg Quintal Snr and Robin Butterfield had their eagle eyes (as judges) tuned in all afternoon and didn’t miss a serve. After watching all players, sometimes even making trips downstairs to get a better look, and using a ream of paper with all of their notes, came up with the ‘2010 Most Kased Server’ and it was awarded to Jill Buffett.

The 2010 team winners of the ‘Girlie Nobbs Centenary Perpetual Tennis Tournament’ were the Christian family (right). They were clear winners with a 10 point lead on the Quintals.

The results were: Christians 68 – Tanya, Will & Sue Randall, James & Anna Elliott, Meg & Mitch Meers and Smudgie. Quintals 58 – Lew, Shella & April Quintal, George & Ebony Parsons, Bebs Sanders, Sarlu and Slack Meers. Nobbs 53 – Joe, Andre, Mai, & Snobbles Nobbs, Candice Snell, Deb Gilmore, Pendo and Gaelene Christian. McCoys 49 – Kevin & Jason McCoy, Daryl & Mikeila Reynolds, Coral Rowston, Loppy Christian, Jo Kelly and Livi Cooper. Youngs 48 – Adon Butterfield, Lynne Mogey, Fenella Evans, Joel Christian, Andre Forrester, Margaret Rossiter, Doug Creek and Karen Menadue. Evans 44 – Shane Evans, Emma Wright, Roger Hein, Amy Elliott, Trev Gow, Beachy & Mark Hayes and Judy Roberts. Buffetts 29 – Spuddy, Karen, Merv, Norris, Irene, Craig, Jill, Tiffany and Adam Buffett (all Buffetts by name too).

I would like to thank all of the team captains for getting their teams together. To those that I rang at the last minute asking them to "please play", thaenks f’ me (thank you). A special mention to the Buffett family who managed to gather all ‘Buffetts’ with no other names on their list. They even got one of the kids to fill in whilst waiting for Dad to finish work – wal dan yorlyi (well done everyone) for showing such great team spirit. Thanks to each and every one of yorlye (you) for playing and to the spectators who I’m sure enjoyed the tennis and heckling from the verandah just as much as we all did.

Special thanks to our Most Kased Serve judges, Greg (above two from right) and Robin. Thanks to Rusty’s Meats for supplying the sausages. To Chris, John and Karen for cooking and looking after the bar and Tanya for helping to make everything run so smoothly.

Look forward to seeing you all back on the courts shortly.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tennis star James Elliott flies the flag for Norfolk Island in Fiji

James Elliott has been battling it out this week (May 2010) in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) West Pacific Qualifying Event in Fiji, accompanied by coach Danny Nobbs. James was listed in Pool B of the Boy’s 18s with 5 other players (3 from Fiji, one from Papua New Guinea, one from Vanuatu). Following are Danny’s reports from Fiji:

On Day 1 James had a win and a loss: a win against Samuel Bagelo of PNG (6/1, 6/2) and a loss against Tony O’Connell from Fiji (2/6, 1/6). Danny reported at the end of Day 1 that James was doing well, that he was improving with every match, and that his loss that day was to the No.2 seed in his pool.

On Day 2, James was up against Raynal Singh of Fiji, then No.1 seed Gregory Jacobe of Vanuatu. The first match was really tough for James, with his opponent really coming out swinging, taking James by surprise and he never really recovered, going down in two sets although playing some really good points along the way. The score was 1/6, 2/6. In the second match James played well although being a bit down after being so flat in the first match. James really took it to this guy although this No.1 seed opponent typically plays competitions week-in, week-out, and the final score was 0/6, 1/6. James played some good points despite the final score.

Day 3 started with bright sunshine, and with James being second up only meant that things were going to get hotter and hotter. James only had the one match that day (against Shival Krishna of Fiji), which didn't start till about 9:30am, so he was faced with heat and the bright sun. James started really well and although he lost his serve early he broke back immediately and went on to win the first set 6/2. The second set started very evenly but the heat was starting to take its toll on James and he let the set slip away 2/6. The third set was even more tense, with both players going for as much as they could without making mistakes. James broke early then held serve only to be broken in a service game that seemed to go on for ever at his next go. Then his opponent had a service game much like James that seemed to take forever and with a few break points saved he had seen off all that James could muster in the heat and closed out the match 6/3. This was by far James’ best performance of the week so far, it was just disappointing that it was also the hottest day so far. The good news out of this day was that his doubles partner made the final of the singles draw and they were second seeds and scheduled to be the first doubles match next day.

Day 4 was a blast for James with a great win in his playoff match against Vanuatu’s No.2 player Gianni Calvo 6/2 6/0. He played this match on another court at a place called the Northern Club. The courts here are a bit older and not so bouncy, and James really showed how far he's come in the last few months and didn't let this guy into the match at all. James and Danny then headed back to the main centre where James had to play his doubles match after lunch. With his confidence sky high he played really well with his partner Luke Paeni from the Solomon Islands and their victory sees them move into the final on Friday.

James and Danny have been spending some time out in-between matches, walking around getting some “R & R” away from the courts, to get James fresh for the next day’s games. A trip to the movies was a great relief from the heat mid-week.

We wish James well for his final day’s games, and for James and Danny’s return to Norfolk via Auckland today.
(photo top Right - Danny Nobbs & James Elliott)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tourist Ministers Cup

Some great tennis played last weekend with all who were competing for the ‘Tourist Ministers Cup’. This comp was a draw for partners so there were some interesting combinations pulled out of the hat. 3 Pools of mixed doubles were played on Saturday. Pool 3 - Rossco and Mollie Sanderson easily winning all 3 of their matches and taking out 1st place against Loppy and Michelle Saal, Hubert Finney and Beachy, Bob Little and Coral Rowston. Pool 2 – Anna Elliott and Norris winning all 3 of their sets against Phil McDowel and Mai Nobbs, Charles Blackwell and Julie South, Alan McNeil and Noelle Burrell. Pool 1 – Trev Gow and Tanya Randall wiping out the opposition of Peter Swynenburg and Amanada Cribb, Lew Quintal and Debra Gilmore.

Some great sets of Mens doubles with Spuddy Buffett and Peter Swynenburg just taking out the trophy by 2 points from James Elliott and Hubert Finney. Other players in the Mens, Loppy Christian and Barnabas Shelley, Bob Little and Rossco Quintal, Zach Sanders and Charles Blackwell.

Close games with the Ladies as well. Julie South and Tanya Randall (photo L) winning by 2 points, runners up Coral Rowston and Anna Elliott. Emma Wright and Mai Nobbs along with Mollie Sanderson and Beachy also played well.

As it was the ‘Tourist Ministers Cup’ it was only fitting that our Minister for Tourism, Andre Nobbs be welcomed up to the Club to present the trophies and prizes to the winners. Many thanks to Andre for his time and sense of humor. We look forward to him joining in the next comp. Congratulations to the winners and to all who joined in for a great weekend of Tennis.

Friday, April 30, 2010

20th Annual Veterans’ Tennis Tournament a huge success

There was plenty of action this week (April 2010) at the Cheryl Tennis Club, with the playing of the Veterans’ Tennis Tournament. There were 112 competitors (57 ladies and 55 men) from Norfolk Island, New Zealand and Australia, and a total of 80 players came from overseas for the tournament, many of whom return year after year, and a few new faces as well. (Photo R Norfolk Team).

Julie South has been the mainstay of this tournament ever since its inception 20 years ago with the start of the Norfolk Island Veterans’ Games. Commenting at the end of this year’s tournament, Julie said it compared very well with previous years. Julie said that the tennis this year had been of a very good standard, and that everyone had clearly enjoyed their time and renewed old friendships. This year saw matches played between 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s age groups, in men’s, women’s and mixed doubles teams.

Although he was often too busy on manager duties to see much tennis, Ben Morton managed to see some tennis, and his highlight was the 60’s men’s doubles Gold medal playoff between winners John Oxenford and Bill Norton versus Kerry White and Phil Bryant. Commenting on this match, Ben said there were lots of angled and drop volleys, slices, and that it was good, all-round crafty “old school” tennis and very enjoyable to watch. Another match that got the crowd on the ‘randah revved up was a Wednesday evening consolation 40’s mixed doubles match involving some local favourites: Kevin and Sue Randall versus Gaelene Christian and Raff Forte. Friday saw the playing of the International Challenge otherwise known as the “Tri-nations”, between Norfolk Island, New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand won the trophy again this year.

Governor’s Lodge was the main sponsor this year, and many of the players have been staying there. Support was also provided by Smudgie (Head tennis balls for the tournament and a Head tennis racquet prize was the major raffle prize), Pete’s Place (prizes), and Bob Little (for topping up the first aid kit). Julie paid thanks to these sponsors and also for the many hours of effort put in by Jeff Emmans, Ben Morton, and a big thanks to club President Chris Gatehouse, in getting everything ready in time for the tournament and making sure everything worked during this busy week. Thanks also go to the cooks and chefs who had supplied food for the Sunday evening welcome bash and morning teas each day of the tournament. This year’s tournament has been good financially for the club, and just as importantly, it is a great lift for the club spirit.

Alan McNeil